Phishing is one of the primary vehicles through which most cyber attacks start. Successful attacks can have adverse consequences for individuals (e.g., identity theft, loss of private data) and disrupt the finance, operation, and reputation of organizations. Therefore, it is crucial to block phishing and malware before it gets to user inboxes.

Our Secure Email Gateway solution protects your organization from malicious content sent through emails by preventing them from reaching their intended recipients’ inboxes. Using advanced artificial intelligence and predictive machine learning, it identifies pre-emptively malicious content from both inbound and outbound emails and places them into quarantine based on predefined or custom security policies. Otherwise, if the email is considered safe, it is delivered seamlessly and swiftly to the intended recipient.

This lowers the risk of unsuspecting employees clicking on malicious attachments or URLs, which not only could infect the recipient’s devices, but it could spread and impact the entire organization.


Cloud-native Secure Email Gateway solution

Customizable policies and configurations

Phishing detection using advanced AI and machine learning

Easy to integrate, deploy and manage

Inbound threat protection

Data loss prevention

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