Global Privacy Policy of
Email Veritas Security Technologies, Ltd.


Effective Date: January 3, 2020Last Revised: Mar 5, 2020

1. Welcome

This privacy policy outlines how Email Veritas Security Technologies Ltd. ("EmailVeritas Ltd.") uses and protects the information you provide when using the EmailVeritas Anti-Phishing Application ("EmailVeritas"). It may be updated to comply with legislative, regulatory, or technological changes. Any modifications will be posted online, making it important for users to regularly review this policy.

EmailVeritas complies with Google's Limited Use Requirements for information received from Gmail APIs.

2. Information We Collect

EmailVeritas is designed to protect email communications from phishing by analyzing email messages for aggregated message information (lexical and syntactic) necessary for identifying scams.

Registration requires your name and email address only. EmailVeritas processes email messages to extract needed information without storing the actual messages, which are discarded post-analysis. No sensitive personal data revealing racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, health, or sexual life is collected or processed.

3. Information We Store

We store user names, email addresses, and credentials on our local server, alongside encrypted destination and originator email addresses from the user's SENT and INBOX folders. Encryption ensures the security and privacy of this data.

4. How We Use Information We Collect

EmailVeritas uses the collected data to classify email messages as legitimate or scams, creating user profiles and assigning labels without human review. All processing steps are automated.

4.1 Gmail Users

The Gmail Add-on requires specific Google scopes for functionality, including access to user email addresses, executing as an Add-on, fetching user language, and classifying messages.

4.2 Outlook Users

The Outlook Add-in utilizes Microsoft Graph API scopes for user authentication, email message fetching and classification, and email label management.

5. Information We Share

EmailVeritas Ltd. does not transmit individual or aggregated data to third parties nor sells user data. Data is processed on local servers without remote server transmission, except as legally necessary or to protect EmailVeritas Ltd., its users, or the public.

6. Security

EmailVeritas Ltd. employs administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect personal data. However, we cannot guarantee complete security due to inherent Internet vulnerabilities.

For inquiries about this Privacy Policy, contact EmailVeritas Ltd. at:

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  • Mail: 4217 Kincaid Street, Victoria, BC V8X 4K7, Canada