Bug Bounty Scam

Claim to be originating from an independent security researcher or security bugs hunter who has detected some security vulnerabilities in your website or organization network. Sometimes they will send more details in the email to make it look professional. Find out more

Language learning scam

Targets individuals who speak multiple languages or are interested in language learning. Find out more

Bitcoin Payment Scam

Claim to have credited your account by a certain amount of bitcoin. Often the email includes a pdf attachment with file named for the BTC transaction amount. Find out more

Non native language scam

Consists of a scam message written in other languages in which the recipients are not fluent, to trick them into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware onto their devices. Find out more

Reward scam

Claim that you are you are the lucky recipient of some reward, such as, credits for shopping at a large retailer, or a free subscription for some online services or products. Find out more

Inheritance scam

Claim that you are the recipient of an inheritance from a relative who passed or some deceased stranger with no next of kin. Find out more

Human resource (HR) scam

Claim that the employer of the recipient has started implemented a new human resource (HR) management system, and that they are required to fill a form that is attached in the email or download the form at a given link. Find out more

Earnings and card charge complaint scam

the scammer claims that his/her credit card was unduly charged for some services or products that they never purchased or received, or that their earnings were not properly credited to their account. Find out more

Account validation scam

Consists of a scam email that claims that for recipient to continue receiving service or to restore service, she/he must validate her/his account by clicking on a link, and providing their credentials (e.g., username and password). Find out more

Investment offer scam

The scammer pretends to be an established wealth portfolio manager or institution and would like to invest in your business. With a bit of due to diligence, you would find out that the sender of the email is unrelated to the organization they pretend to be represent, or that the organization itself is nonexistent or a frontend for criminal activities. Find out more

Loan offer scam

The scammer claims that they provide loans for businesses and organizations for attractive rates and conditions. Find out more

Just a link scam

The scam email may contain just a link without any message in it, or just a file attachment, or it may be completely empty. Find out more

Billing scam

Claim that your payment method on file was declined, and that you must update it. Sometimes the email may include some invoice attached, which certainly is a malware that would infect your device. Find out more

Lottery scam

Claim that you have won the lottery and ask you to contact the sender for further details on payment. Find out more

Award scam

Claim that you’ve won an award and can claim it by clicking on a link or a file attachment, which are probably malicious. Find out more

Purchase order and invoice scam

The scam message includes a purchase order or an invoice for an unspecified or some generic service or product, as a file attachment or a download link, which are probably malicious. Find out more

Resume scam

The scammer claims that they are applying for some unspecified position at your organization, and are thereby sending their resume as a file attachment, or through a link embedded in the message, which are probably malicious. Find out more

Netflix subscription scam

Claim that there were some issues with your Netflix account payment or renewal. That you must click on a link to address this issue, which may involve providing your credentials and credit card information. Find out more

Hacked account scam

Claim that they have managed to hack your devices and online accounts, that they have access to compromising or private information, and unless you pay a certain amount of money (possibly in bitcoin), they will take further actions, such as releasing damaging information. Find out more

Job offer scam

Claim that they are serving as head-hunter for some reliable corporation or organization that is looking for someone with your profile for a job. Find out more

Business proposal scam

Claim that they have an interesting or lucrative business proposal for you, and ask you to contact them for further details. Find out more

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam

Claim that you are eligible for a refund from CRA and by clicking on a link you can claim the amount. Find out more

Last wishes scam

Claim that they have serious health concern or some terminal disease and need your compassion and assistance in carrying out their last wishes Find out more

Helpdesk scam

Consists of a scam email supposedly coming from the helpdesk or IT service and urging you to verify or change your credentials because of some concerns about your account, e.g., password expiry, suspicious activities, etc. Find out more

Contact initiation scam

Consists of an attempt to establish contact by sending an initial message as a bait. Quite often, the message is short on both substance and length. Find out more

Fund transfer scam

Claim that they need help with transferring some fund and propose to do the transfer into your account in exchange for receiving a percentage of the fund. Find out more

Document sharing scam

The scam email involves sharing a document sometimes using legitimate sharing systems like Google drive, SharePoint, or Drop Box, or legitimate cloud services like Amazon or Azure. Find out more

Product recommendation scam

Claim that you would benefit greatly from using some unspecified product; to find out more, you just have to click on a link or attachment, which are probably malicious. Find out more

Shady product advertisement scam

The scam email consists of advertisement about some shady products, for instance, for fitness, weight loss, skin care, pain reliever, etc. Find out more

Payment scam

Claim that you paid for some subscription or product and that they are sending you the transaction record, which sometimes is embedded in the email content or as a file attachment. Find out more

Compensation scam

Claim that you’ve have been awarded a compensation that you must claim urgently. Sometimes the sender may claim that the compensation is from prominent institutions, e.g., the United Nations, or some well-established charitable organizations, e.g., the Gate foundation. Find out more

Product or service enquiry scam

Claim that they would like to purchase some unspecified product from your website or company. The message is short on specifics and crafted generically to reach as many targets as possible. Find out more

Voicemail scam

Claim that you’ve received a voicemail, which often comes as an attachment or a link to download the voice mail and turns out to contain malware. Find out more

Targeted scam

Attempt to impersonate a sender known by the recipient asking them to perform specific task or action. Find out more

Account registration scam

Claim that a new account has been registered for you. The message may include some credentials and a link or attachment, probably malicious, that will infect your device if you click on it. Find out more

Business representation scam

Contain an offer to represent their business in your region, sometimes with promise of lucrative compensation. Find out more

Fund deposit scam

Claim that some fund has been credited to your account, and that you can claim or accept the deposit by clicking on a link, which possibly will infect your device or redirect to a compromised site where the infection would take place. Find out more

Prophecy scam

Contains false claims about religions, prophecies, and similar conspiracy theories about our times. Find out more

Donation scam

The scammer claims to be some wealthy individual or celebrity, and that that they would like to donate a fortune out of the goodness of their heart. To make it look real, sometimes the email may include the Wikipedia or social media links of the actual individual being fraudulently impersonated. Find out more

Business grant scam

The scan email contains false advertisement about some existing or nonexistent business program. Whether the grant program is valid or not, the message is designed to mislead the recipient in providing personal information or performing some actions that could impact them negatively. Find out more

Gift card scam

Claim that you are the winner or recipient of a gift card for some product or service (e.g., Netflix) and you can claim it by clicking on a link or some file attachment, which probably, are malicious. Find out more

Application and confirmation scam

The scam message is crafted supposedly as a response to an account registration or an application for some unspecified product or service. The message is generic enough to fit any type of product or service. Find out more

Domain listing scam

Claim that you are required to register your domain name for search engine listing or optimization with their organization, and that failure to do so would make it difficult for your customers to locate your website. Find out more

Delivery scam

Claim that your package is waiting for delivery, and that you must pay shipping or custom fees before the delivery can take place. Find out more

Banking scam

Pretend to be originating from your bank, claiming that there are some urgent actions that you need to take such as updating your credentials for online banking. Find out more

Terms of service scam

Pretend to provide information about current terms of service information or change in the terms of service for some product or services that you have subscribed for, supposedly. The message may contain various links or attachments that probably are malicious. Find out more

Cryptobot scam

Claims that a new cryptobot is available that will help you trade cryptos efficiently. The email usually (but not always) contains a pdf file attachment named using a descriptive sentence (e.g., “Earn from 500 dollars per day with a small deposit of 100 euros”) and/or a series of random characters (e.g., f0ZZZSuyEmdhdhj). Find out more

Suspicious account activity scam

Claim that suspicious activities have been noticed in your account, and you can remediate the misdeed by taking some action such as clicking on a link to get refund for fund stolen from your account. Find out more

Blackmail scam

Consists of email scam that involves an extortion attempt by the scammer. Find out more

Remote job scam

Take advantage of job seekers who are looking for opportunities to work from home by offering high-paying jobs with little to no effort required. Find out more

COVID-19 scam

Repurpose some of the usual scams in the context of covid-19. Find out more

Subscription Renewal Scam

Claim that your annual subscription for some product (e.g., an antivirus) has automatically been renewed, and that they have charged the corresponding fees to your account. Find out more

Order confirmation scam

Consists of fake confirmation of some recent purchase that you supposedly made and that was charged to your account. Find out more

Tax season scam

Consists of a scam email that appears to come from legitimate sources, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other tax agencies, urging the recipient to take some actions related to their tax filing. Find out more

Wire transfer scam

Claim that a wire transfer in your name is pending, and with follow up information (that you must provide) they will be able help clear the transaction to your benefit. Find out more